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L'École des Buissonnets moved towards becoming a digital school several years ago. Students and teachers are all given iPads by the school, which they can use to access dedicated teaching applications such as iTunes U. The school is also developing its own student management app (Scoladis). Students can visualise their daily timetables, results, and classes. They can bring their school environment with them wherever they go. Parents can also access results and absences in real time. For example, a parent is automatically sent a text alert to their phone if their son or daughter is absent.
Scoladis is a web and iPad app designed and developed by l’École des more info
Results Management
Teachers input results and comments on Scoladis. This information is then more info
Absence Management
Teachers always have an automatically updated attendance register at their more info

About Les Buissonnets





About Les Buissonnets
L'École des Buissonnets puts the student at the heart of its concerns. We take into account not only each student’s strengths and weaknesses, but also the type of

person they are and their life story, in order to offer them a suitable study plan.

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