École des Buissonnets

L'École des Buissonnets was founded in 1928 on the underlying principle of strong education placing the student at the heart of their studies, inspired by Maria Montessori. The school has a long history, giving it the credibility required for an educational establishment that prepares students for higher education. L'École des Buissonnets is first and foremost a space where the student feels included.

Mission Statement and Values

  • L'École des Buissonnets’ passion is first and foremost to create a space where the student feels included.
  • The three founding principles that influence our teaching methods are motivation, flexibility, and independence.
  • Motivation is sparked by a goal-oriented study structure.
  • “Lifelong learning” means giving students the tools required for independent growth in society.

How to Attend Les Buissonnets

There is no entrance exam at l’École des Buissonnets. We think that this procedure doesn't take into account personal factors like life experience, background, or individual needs, or a candidate's intentions or plans. This is why admissions are based on an individual interview. During this interview we evaluate a student's educational situation, taking into account the expectations of the student or their parents, and decide together on the appropriate plan for their education.

Simply contact the school's management by phone or fill out a contact form to arrange a commitment-free meeting.

Similarly, if you would like to visit our school, find out about fees, or have any other queries, please write to us using the contact form.