Baccalauréat Français

L’École des Buissonnets offers a study programme for preparation for the Baccalauréat Français (French school leaving exam) literary section (L). The programme is set out and the exams are organised by the French Department of National Education. The Baccalauréat exams take place in June each year in a French exam centre near the border. The relations between the Department and GESBF schools (The group of Swiss schools that prepare students for the French Baccalauréat exam), which includes L’École des Buissonnets, are governed by a convention which gives L’École des Buissonnets the status of an educational establishment recognised by the French Department of National Education. Students educated in a GESBF member school therefore are entitled to be treated like French students. Students that gain Baccalauréat certificates with “mention assez bien” (average of 12 or above out of 20) or above are entitled to attend arts, psychology, law, and economics faculties in Switzerland. The Baccalauréat Français is an attractive option for students from the Maturité section who want to undertake a university preparation programme that has fewer science-based sections, or for students who attended business schools, Écoles de Culture Générale (a general studies programme specialising in different areas), or students who have followed the Maturité Professionelle programme (profession-oriented programme), who want to undertake university level studies.


The Baccalauréat Français L section emphasises the literary areas such as philosophy, languages, and literature. If offers a particularly broad choice for languages that can be taken for exams, as well as art, theatre, and music oriented subjects.

L Series

  • French and literature
  • Science
  • Travail personnel encadré (TPE) (a group research project)
  • Literature
  • History and geography
  • Living language 1: German or English or Italian
  • or Spanish or Portuguese
  • Foreign literature in a foreign language
  • Living language 2: German or English or Italian
  • or Spanish or Portuguese
  • Philosophy
  • Exam in specialist subject: Further study in living language 1 or maths
  • Physical and sports education



The Baccalauréat Français is a European certificate that grants access to Swiss universities (under certain conditions) and European universities. Each year, students from Les Buissonnets decide to study in France or elsewhere. The Baccalauréat is therefore a strong alternative to the Swiss Maturité exam for students who are sure they don’t want to study at science or medicine faculties or polytechnic institutes.

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