We draw up an “agreement for success” with our students. It is then our duty to create the best learning conditions possible for our students.

Improving students’ quality of life is the main concern of our teaching staff. Our “traditional approach" classes are combined with a formative evaluation method inspired by Maria Montessori.

The resulting three founding principles are motivation, flexibility, and independence.

Motivation is sparked by a goal-oriented study structure. The programme is structured around a goals grid, broken down into modules for each section. Based on this division of subjects, the student can focus on key areas without spreading themselves too thin. Evaluation is focused on individual work, which continuously inspires and motivates the student.

Flexibility is demonstrated by offering each student a schedule suited to their own pace. The student reaches their goals in the time they have set out for themselves. In this way, the student’s needs are put at the centre of the programme in a step by step approach (mentoring).

“Lifelong learning” means giving students the tools required for independent growth in society. Lifelong learning skills are the result of our project-based teaching method and collaborative mentoring work. For the student, this means that they will earn a certificate that is not just a piece of paper required by employers today.