Year 10 OR

There are three main education pathways for students finishing their compulsory education period (ninth or tenth year of education):

1. Preparation courses for entry to university.

2. Preparation courses for entry to école spécialisée (ES, non-university third-level education), or haute école spécialisée (HES, university third-level education).

3. The post-apprenticeship certificat fédéral de capacité qualification (CFC — a certificate in professional competence awarded after an exam or other means of assessment following a three or four year apprenticeship).

It is therefore important to make the right choice.

Each of the three pathways lead to job prospects and opportunities, but also each pose their own challenges and limits. Additionally, with the introduction of HES and Switzerland's compliance with European education standards (The Bologna Process), new pathways are now open but still not well known. In the end, the choice can be determined by poor academic results.

L’École des Buissonnets assists its students in the face of these questions and constraints through the orientation and bridge class (OR - Orientation et Raccordement), providing the missing link by helping students decide on the right pathway for them based on their abilities. Following the orientation period, the bridging role comes into play, by enabling students to gain a Maturité or Baccalauréat certificate in only three years, regardless of what their results were at the end of the compulsory education period.

Add to this that in Valais, students who attend the Les Buissonnets private school following the compulsory education period are entitled to request grants and often receive generous contributions from the state towards their school fees.



The OR year is taken into account no matter what pathway the student chooses, be it the Maturité Gymnasiale or Baccalauréat Français. In practical terms, this means that the student is guaranteed to have their first year of study at l’École des Buissonnets taken into account in the education pathway they end up choosing, and that, for equivalent certificates, this course is no longer than it would be in public schools. The student will also benefit from l’École des Buissonnets’ officially recognised teaching method, meaning that they can expect top-quality teaching and a personalised framework to encourage their success.