Ecole numérique


Scoladis is a web and iPad app designed and developed by l’École des Buissonnets specifically for student management. It resembles an information management system and processes school data accessible by authorised people, including the student, parents, and the school. The application is used to manage timetables, absences, and results.

Results Management

Teachers input results and comments on Scoladis. This information is then immediately available through secure access to students and their parents, so students always know how they are progressing, as do their parents.

Absence Management

Teachers always have an automatically updated attendance register at their disposal. If they note that a student is absent, they input this information on Scoladis. This information is transferred to the student’s report and then sent by text or email in real time to those with authorised access to this information. Student attendance is added up, so each student can see their attendance record.